Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Final Topic Idea

I read your comment and I thought that I need to make a change that will give the ability to make a project that contain the collaborative activities like writing their assignments or reflection papers or do their projects online. As a result I decided to design a course for nurses who work in maternal health services about how to take care of the teenage pregnant patients and their families, therefore this course could be in three or four parts that will cover different matters beneath this topic like: Describe the health risks facing pregnant teens and their developing fetuses, begin with explaining the nursing care for pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH). Getiastional diabetes, possibility of premature babies and anemia. Nurses should read each part and do couple of online activity along with the need to create a care plan for a specific case related to the topic from each part as well as post it in a specific date. Nurses who finish all parts will have a certificate state passing this course; which will help in increasing the excellence of the care at work place, and the nurses’ superiority in maternal health domain.

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